Cadet Company

Active Members of the Cadet Company

Aaron Maalouf 

Greg Soluri 

Ryan Capogna

Mike Alburtus

Timothy Dinnell

David Alburtus

Tyler Cordes

Thomas Dunn

Jake Prusha

Nolan Shields

The Hillsdale Fire Department Cadet Company is comprised of guys and girls, ages 16 to 17. The duties of the cadets are to assist regular members of the department at fires and drills. Unlike the regular members of the fire department, cadets cannot by law, enter a burning structure. So rest easy Moms! Instead, they can “hit” or hook up hose to the hydrants, change air bottles, set up ladders, bring tools to the firefighters, and help keep track of the firefighters going in and out of the building. They have their own drills to learn these specific tasks, and can also attend regular fire department drills to learn how to work with the regular firefighters.

The cadet company also has their own meetings structured after the rest of the Hillsdale Fire Department. This way, they can learn the procedures and have added responsibilities. The Cadet Company also serves to help recruit future members of the department. It gives high school students a chance to see what the Hillsdale Fire Department is all about.

If you are interested in more information on joining the Cadet Company, please fill out the "contact us page" or stop in on a Monday night between 7 and 8. We look forward to hearing from you!