Message to all Residents! Winter is coming

Please remember to assist the Hillsdale Fire Department and clear snow from around fire hydrants! In a fire, seconds matter. Looking for, or digging out a hydrant can seriously delay a fire attack. Please locate and clean away the snow from your closest hydrant. The life you save may be your own.""

Special Call for 31 Truck

On Sunday November 16, 2014, the Westwood Volunteer Fire Department requested 31 Truck to respond mutual aid into their jurisdiction for the possible chimney fire. Engine 34 also turned out for the assignment. In the picture below, Hillsdale firefighter Mark Savino Jr. can be seen operating on the roof of the structure along with a fellow Westwood fireman. ""

Drill Night: 09/29/14

On the evening of September 29th, 2014, the Hillsdale Volunteer Fire Department participated in a rescue drill in conjunction with the Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service. During this drill, firefighters trained on the packaging and transportation of patients from a roof, via our tower ladder.