50 and 60 Years of Service


Congratulations George Wodowski, Butch Franklin and Frank Gluckler on their years of service!

George Wodowski 50 years of service- George joined the HFD in 1969, and has been an active member ever since. In 1977 George started his climb up the chain of command as third lieutenant and was named Chief of the department in 1982. In 1988 George started the cadet program which is still going strong today.

Butch Franklin 50 years of service- Butch joined the HFD in 1969, since 1969 Butch has maintained an average attendance of 80%. In 1973 Butch started his climb up the chain of command as third lieutenant, and served as Chief of the department in 1978 and 1979. Butch has been named fireman of the year 3 times, more than any member in HFD history. Butch was also named chairman of the Hillsdale fire department carnival in 1995 and has been successfully running it ever since.

Frank Gluckler 60 years- Where do we start with this one? Frank joined the HFD in 1959, and at 94 years old Frank is still an active member and is our primary fire comm operator. In 1966 Frank was elected third lieutenant and Chief of the department in 1973. Frank Served as Drill Master between 1962 and 1997 winning 6 best overall trophies in the NJ & NY Association Parade, Exempt President 1976 &77, Exempt Secretary in 1998 to the present, Relief Association President 1986 thru 2005, and Fireman of the Year 1989. Frank Created the Rudy Appeld Award of the NJ & NY Association in 1985 and was the recipient of it in 2010.

Thank you Chief Wodowski, Chief Franklin, and Chief Gluckler for all you have done for the borough of Hillsdale.